A Lifetime of


“Well not as an author, although writing songs are a lot like writing short stories. Some of my songs have actually turned into books. In the case of The Tree the song inspired a whole series of Novellas and Novels.  When I started journaling the books just seemed to make sense to me. So I started writing stories and used my skills as an artist to illustrate. It all has become very much entwined. And I’m loving it.”


The Tree

Pilgrimage to Memphis

Snowflake the Christmas Beagle

The Grim Keeper

Paul Hock

“Paul Hock, is a multifaceted artist and author. His creative world includes art, music, and literature. His art  encompasses pencil drawings, markers and brush to vibrant digital illustrations. Paul is also known for his compelling award winning children’s books and heart felt musical compositions and performances. A versatile creator whose works resonate with a diverse audience.”

Inspiration through every medium.

"Illustrating has become an important part of my writing."

 I have done a lot of illustration in digital art format for a series of wonderful children’s books. The series is entitled Critter a Week and to date I have illustrated over twenty books that are now in print with many more coming in the coming months. I also write some of these books and the pictures I accumulate very often inspire the stories I write about some of these amazing critters.

I’m proud to say these books have garnered many awards and 5 star reviews.