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Music - Past - Present - Future

I know I'm not alone when I say music has always been part of me. I have been playing and singing and creating music from a very early age. I remember spending my first hard-earned money on a Philips tape recorder in 1963 to record my original songs. At fifteen I joined my first group, playing a Howard Combo Organ that my parents loaned me the money to purchase.


There were many bands after that, including 'The Inner Light' which went on to become 'Rain', 'The Jades' where I cut my road teeth, and 'Hourglass' where I learned just what a determined group of talented friends could accomplish.


I left the road helped raise my son and honed my jingle and song-writing skills. I cherish all the musical memories, including friends and fans I have met along the way.

The cool thing is, I’m still doing it.

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